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  • 84600 Fresco: We have officially opened!

    84600 Fresco: We have officially opened!

    We’re excited to share that 84600 Fresco has officially opened in Vothonas, Mykonos, and is ready to offer you a delicious array of freshly baked snacks!

    From tasty focaccia sandwiches and pinsa romana moderna to handmade pies and desserts, our bakery has something for everyone. Skilled chef Alsi Sinanaj uses only the finest ingredients to create delectable treats, ensuring that each bite is as satisfying as the last.

    84600 Fresco

    Whether you’re in need of a delicious breakfast on the go or an espresso to satisfy your coffee cravings, 84600 Fresco has you covered. Just stop by and treat yourself to something fresh and delicious!

    Open from 7am.


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