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  • Christmas Cake

    Christmas Cake


    300gr butter
    400gr sugar
    3 eggs
    150gr fresh orange juice
    150gr milk
    350gr cake flour, not self-rising
    100gr sliced in halves almonds
    50gr wholenuts in slices
    20gr lemon zest
    20gr orange zest
    20gr baking powder
    1 small tablespoon salt
    25gr liquer amaretto
    caster sugar for topping and decoration


    In a bowl whisk the flour with the nuts, the zests, the baking powder, the salt.
    We put in the mixer the butter and the sugar gradually increasing the speed so it mixes well, we mix for approximately 5 minutes. We add the eggs one by one waiting until one has absorbed in the mix until we add the next .We add the juice and the milk and gradually we put our previous flour mix, now we stir well both mixes. Finally we add the liqueur and we stir well.
    We preheat the oven for 10 minutes in 150°C and then add the mix in a cake pan and bake for 1 hour in 150°C.
    We let it cool for 1 hour and now we are ready to decor our cake with caster sugar and to try it.

    Good Luck!


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