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  • Lard of May

    Lard of May


    2 slices of lard
    potato leaves(the green leaves of the plant)
    2-3 “karones”(the hard and phallus-shaped stems that hold the flowers of the green onion; they are used before blooming)
    2-3 sprigs of fennel
    a few sprouts
    2-3 green onion leaves
    wild radishes
    lettuce leaves
    3-4 zucchini
    3-4 potatoes
    2-3 celery stalks
    lemon juice


    Before the lard is cooked, you have to remove its salt. For this reason put it in a bowl with water for a few hours and change the water two or three times. Wash thoroughly and cut the vegetables into pieces. We don’t give exact quantities, since everyone uses different proportions of the same ingredients. Let the criterion of taste and each person’s preferences work freely, in a total amount of about one and a half kilo of vegetables.

    Peel the potatoes. Put water in the pot and boil the oil along with the fennel. Add the potatoes in whole. In about 15 minutes, when the food is half done and fork-tender, remove the lard and add the zucchini.

    Once it is ready, place the vegetables and greens on a platter with the lard cut into smaller pieces and serve with lots of lemon.

    By Dimitris Rousounelos, Mykonian Cooking, Fragments of Culture

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