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  • Mykonian onion pie

    Mykonian onion pie


    For the pastry
    Half a kilo of flour
    A sachet of yeast
    A small amount of olive oil

    For the filling
    Half a kilo of “tyrovolia” cheese
    3 eggs
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    Half a bunch of dill
    A large onion
    Small pieces of lard (pork fat), thinly sliced
    Pieces of butter



    1. Heat a small amount of oil and add the flour. Mix well and knead, add yeast and let it covered to rise.
    2. Meanwhile prepare the filling. Grate the onion and add “tyrovolia” cheese.
    3. Add the chopped dill and the beaten eggs.
    4. Take the pastry and roll with a rolling pin into two chunks. Spread one in a greased baking sheet with its edges hanging out and add the filling.
    5. Pour on top the chopped pieces of lard and pieces of butter.
    6. Cover with the other chunk of the pastry and join until the edges shut. Bake in the oven (moderate heat) for half an hour.


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