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  • Oktoberfest chicken legs

    Oktoberfest chicken legs


    8 chicken legs
    2 medium onions cut in thin slices
    330ml lager beer
    2 tbsp dijon mustard
    1 tbsp soy sauce
    2 tbsp honey
    3 tbsp olive oil
    1 sprig of thyme
    salt and freshly ground pepper


    1. In a non-stick pan add the olive oil and place over medium to high heat. Salt and pepper the legs and put in the pan turning them carefully until each side has a nice reddish color. Remove the legs from the pan and keep them warm.
    2. In the same pan add the pre-cut onions and stir lightly over low heat until tender. Turn up the heat and add the beer and soy sauce. Stir well with a wooden spoon, scraping the bottom of the pan to add the chicken remains into the mixture. In a bowl mix the honey and mustard and add them into the pan. Keep cooking for 1-2 minutes until the sauce is thickened. Add the chicken legs and remove from heat.
    3. Put the chicken in an oven bag, add the thyme and close bag. Pierce 2-3 holes in the bag with a toothpick and cook in preheated oven at 180° for 20 minutes.


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