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  • Secrets for a clean kitchen!

    Secrets for a clean kitchen!

    The kitchen is a breeding ground for germs, so it is important to watch the daily cleaning of:

    ➧ Using warm soapy water, thoroughly clean the tap and other desktops on a daily basis to clean debris and food particles.
    ➧ Keep non-food items (such as mail folders, bags and wallets) away from the sink.
    ➧ Wash the tap before preparing food.
    ➧ Make sure all dishes and utensils are thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water and are rinsed thoroughly.
    ➧ often Change the towels and wipe dry your dishes.
    ➧ Prefer to wash these items in large circle of your laundry and dry well.
    ➧ Wash sponges in a solution of water / bleach or simply replace them.
    ➧ Clean your devices, including the inside of the oven.

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