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  • Mykonos Sights

    See the sights of the island, archaeological, religious, historical monuments, windmills, beaches, picturesque villages and settlements…

    “Little Venice”
    Little Venice is the colorful neighborhood between the Castro and Scarpa, with the wooden balconies “hanging” above the sea. One can enjoy here one of the most beautiful sunsets of Greece.


    The Town Hall
    The Town Hall, built about 1780, is an early neoclassical two-story building with a tile roof, which was constructed after the 1760-1774 conflict between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, in order to house the Russian Consul General of the Archipelago. A few years later it came under the jurisdiction of the “Koinotita” (the local self-governing body of the island of the Greek revolution) and, since then, the office of the Municipality of Mykonos has been located there.

    Drafaki, Vrissi, Glastros, Platis Yialos
    There are interested monument found in areas where there were farms until recently and south of Chose: at Drafaki (-Paspori) one can see some very old but well preserved step-roofed chapels. At Vrissi, an underground domed chamber tom, of the Mycenean era, very unusual for the Cyclabes was uncovered, just a few years ago.

    Kalafati – Divounia
    To the north east of Ano Mera opposite the beach of Kalafati, at Divounia – Tarsanas, on a small twin Cape, are preserved the traces of a prehistoric (protocycladic era) acropolis.

    Kato Milli
    “The Windmills” are found south of Chora, in between the picturesque Alefkandra and Neochori. They impress visitors with their all-white overwhelming massive shapes, in a row facing the sea. Today, seven in number have been preserved, out of the ten mills which until beginning of the 20th century, ground the local wheat using the unfailing power of the wind. The wind windmills of Mykonos, in cooperation with its many bakeries, contributed to the economic travel of the island, as it became a necessary stop, from the provisioning of paximadi (ship’s biscuit), for ships playing the Aegean. The “Bakery of Yiora”, in Neochori, with its wood-burning over, is a working example of the bakeries of past time.

    The Public Library
    Besides its’ approximately 10000 volumes (the majority of which belong to the historical library donated by Alex. Meletopoulos), the library houses a large collection of photographs various 18th and 19th cent. Documents, gravures, etc. It is located in the square beside the church of Agia Kyriaki, on the ground floor of a marvelous 18th century mansion.

    The Three Wells
    In the center of the present-day town, in the area known as “Tria Pigadia”, are the tree wells which were the main water supply for Mykonos Chora form the middle of the 18th cent. until 1956


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