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  • Social Responsibility

    Having years of experience, excellent organizational structure and modern technological equipment, Flora Super Market, offer robust service and high quality products, constantly improving on customer satisfaction.

    Having years of experience, an excellent organizational structure and modern technological equipment, Super Markets Flora offer excellent services and high quality products, aiming at customer satisfaction. The company’s philosophy concentrates on the consumer, maintaining an attitude of responsibility and respect towards him/her. To this end, Super Markets Flora undertake many initiatives of Social Responsibility, reflecting the interest of the Company towards society and environment.

    Corporate responsibility for Super Markets Flora means respect for the neighbour, colleague and environment by providing safe, high-quality products, and by operating our stores in a responsible way with the least environmental impact.

    Our main goal is to cover the needs of consumers by offering a wide variety of high quality products at competitive prices,; always being respectful towards people, society and the environment, having as prinicipal values…

    • Loyalty
    • Care
    • Professionalism
    • Service
    • Environment

    Super Markets Flora are known for their awareness, by offering services to institutions and selflessly contribution to the community, undertaking the sponsorship of major cultural events and social projects.

    We are committed to protecting the environment through initiatives such as:

    • Recycling of all packaging materials and packaging of products consumed by employees of the company
    • Energy Saving Systems
    • Actions that minimize the burden caused by our activity

    At the same time, we “educate” in recycling more and more consumers, caring also about the rise of their awareness and informing people on environmental protection issues.

    Super Markets Flora are devoted to making our lives better, knowing that the environment is the best source for quality of life.

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