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  • Pea Salad with Mint

    Pea Salad with Mint


    500g peas
    5-6 spring onions
    1 lettuce, finely chopped
    1/2 bunch dill
    1 bunch mint
    1 lemon (zest and juice)
    2 tbsp olive oil


    Let the peas boil in a pot of salted water and drain. Immediately place the peas into a large bowl with cold water and ice cubes to remain crisp, and then drain again.

    Finely chop the lettuce, dill and spring onions and pour into a large bowl, along with the peas. Mix well.

    In a bowl, mix the lemon juice and zest, salt, pepper and olive oil and beat well.

    Pour mixture over the salad and serve. Add more salt, if necessary.

    Tip: This is a fasting recipe, but if you’re not fasting you can add crumbled Feta or goat cheese.

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